You be the judge! Can you pick the bots?

Here are some clips from the BotPrize finals. Can you pick which opponents are humans and which are bots? Warning: these videos depict simulated violence.


Here is a short edited clip (~ 1 minute) from Round 11 of the 2010 finals. (This map is by John AngelH@rt Falgate.)
And here is a much longer one (~15 minutes) showing the complete Round 12 from the viewpoint of one judge. If you have the time, maybe you'd like to try to guess which players were human or bot. (This map is by RedEye(Co30) and Orion(Co30).)


Here are some short (~40 sec) clips from the 2008 finals. In 2008, the format was one judge versus one bot and one human. Complete videos of all the rounds are available here.

  1.   Is player 443    or 
  2.   Which player is the bot?    or 
  3.   Is player 157    or 
  4.   Is player 247    or 
  5.   Is player 433    or 
  6.   Is player 760    or 
  7.   Is player 217    or 
  8.   Is player 980    or